Getting Started with Hashnode

Getting Started with Hashnode

Hashnode is a free blogging platform with an amazing community that allows you to publish articles on your own domain. On October 27, 2020, Hashnode achieves Product of the day on Producthunt.

Hashnode gaining popularity because of its unique features and easy to use. It has lots of built-in features that every technical blogger needs. Let's find out what makes hashnode different.


Traditional blog websites require a custom domain and hosting. And it's not cheap. Setting up those and make it fully functional requires a lot of time and technical knowledge. As a beginner, you might not own a custom domain or any of those skills which require setup. To solve this problem, Hashnode offers you a unique subdomain, which allows you to publish your content totally free.

Custom Domain

Haahnode offers you to add your custom domain to your existing blog. You can set up a custom domain with a CNAME record.


You can personalize and customize your blog as you need. You can make your blog look different by adding custom CSS. Not only custom CSS, but you can also add third-party widgets.


Hashnode has an amazing community. You can meet new people every day. You can get help from others or sharing your thought with others. Hashnode also offers you an exclusive Discord Channel, where you can directly talk with the founding members of Hashnode.

Learn from others

On Hashnode, you can follow other developers. You can read their content and follow them so that your favorite writer publishes a post you get notified immodestly.

Draft Sharing

I personally like this feature. If you are new to writing, you always feel that is it enough or lack something or fully explain what I wanted to. To answer all of those content, you can share your draft with others. They can read your draft and give you a lot of feedback.

Other features

Some of the other features are

  • Get automated backups of your articles on your private GitHub repo
  • Use GitHub as a source for your articles
  • Automatic HTTPS
  • Fast CDN
  • Built-in newsletter service

The good thing is that you can always request new features, which are implemented depending on usefulness.


If you want to start publishing your own articles without worries and want an amazing community, Hashnode is for you.

In the next lesson, we’ll learn how to set up Hashnode for you.

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