Reasons You Should Learn Code in Your Lifetime

Reasons You Should Learn Code in Your Lifetime

A lot of people don’t understand what programming is. General people think like an alien language or something. In reality, It’s a big No! Coding is just a way to communicate with computers. Like people use their mother language or universal language to talk to other people. Most people want a magician because they are cool, exceptional, and do something impossible. You can be a magician too. How! Do you ask? It’s simple. Coding, obviously.

Coding helps you to collaborate with other people and solve problems effectively and productively. Even if you’ve never code before, there are several reasons why you should consider learning to code.

New Career Opportunities

Developers are in high demand. So high that the average developer in Los Angeles has an annual salary of $85,229. And Silicon Beach tech companies strike it rich, the need for local developers keeps increasing. If you’ve been thinking about the plunge and learning to code, this is definitely the right place and the right time.

Plus, if you don’t want to work as a full–time developer, you can become a freelancer developer and code part-time. Or even if you’re looking to make a little extra money for your vacation or retirement, coding can be quite lucrative. Globally, the Freelancer developer has an annual salary of $71,708. So, you can earn more but work fewer hours.

Problem Solving Skills

Coding improves both your academic performance and thinking. As Steve Jobs once said,


In other words, learning code won’t give you only technical knowledge. It also gives you a new way to solve the problem. It will improve your focus and problem-solving skills. Because programming requires a lot of constant attempts before you find solutions that work, you have to track tiny changes in the code. This is excellent training for a sharp brain.

Don’t know how to solve a problem. Here is some trick that helps you to solve the problem efficiently.

Become Productive

Coding can enhance your productivity. It will help you to communicate with others. Or you can learn new skills. It can help you to become confident, focus, organization, life hacks, and creative. It can help you get along with co-workers because many projects are so enormously collaborative. Those skills can also help your personal life by teaching how to get along with friends and family.


Coding gives you the privilege to work. If you are a part-time developer, you can easily say No! This is probably the most critical benefit of those who leave the traditional 9-5 job. You can have a good time with your friends and family. Also, go too long trips and vacations. You can also spend more time on other things like hobbies, passions. You can do work remotely. Because when you work with technology, there are many more opportunities to work online or remotely. This means it doesn’t matter where you are – on vacation, at home, or Starbucks – as long as you’re doing your assignment.

Dreams into Reality

Knowing how to build a website or an app allows you to make a reality. You probably always have new amazing ideas that you’d like to act on fast. Now you can do that; you don’t need to hire a developer to build your website or app, which also saves lots of money. You can also work on side projects. And you even a part of a secret club known as a tech community. Knowing how to build your own stuff is awesome.

To sum it up, learning code can be a beneficial skill that will allow you to open up more opportunities. If you want to launch a company of your own, having technical knowledge will make your Start-Up dreams more attainable.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your coding journey right now.

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